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 2018 Flag Officers




Randy Pagel





As a member of North Channel Yacht Club, I enjoy asking guests that come to visit us throughout the boating season, what they liked best about our club. The answer is typically the same with each and every person. They enjoy the friendly, warm reception that our members give our guests. They enjoy the historic appearance of our Club house and the well-manicured landscape that we offer at NCYC.

As we begin the boating season you will find we have a full calendar of activities that will allow you to enjoy the island to the fullest. Whether you like relaxing on the back of your boat, sitting in a lawn chair in the shade, or getting involved with many of the weekend activities that are offered, you will find something that is enjoyable and will enhance your experience being a member of one of the most beautiful yacht clubs in the area.

Linda and I were asked to join NCYC by Mark and Debbie Hagendorff. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences Linda and I have had. The friendships we have made will last a lifetime and we enjoy learning, working and helping others work on events and sponsor activities.

As we kick-off the season, I suggest you continue to stay involved or get more involved, enjoy the experience of making new friends, inviting perspective members to come out and enjoy a wonderful summer at NCYC.  Working together, we can continue to plan, build and look to the future making this the best Yacht Club around.








 2018 Vice Commodore Ian Blackburn


 Ian Blackburn

Vice Commodore







The North Channel Yacht Club is located on an island surrounded by some of the cleanest Great Lakes water you will ever find.  It is also in the middle of the St. Clair Flats, which offers the greatest boating environment in the world!  From small inflatable boats to large cabin cruisers, you are never too far from a great anchoring spot, fishing or swimming hole. 

Our island has much to offer as well.  You can sit in the cool shade provided by a willow tree, take a casual walk on the perimeter boardwalk, fish from the seawall or catch an amazing sunset over Anchor Bay.  Don’t be afraid to try your hand at horse shoes, volleyball or basketball.  If the little ones are with you, they can use the playground, equipped with swings, merry-go-round and jungle gym. 

When you have had your fill of the outdoors, you can head into the air-conditioned clubhouse and grab some refreshments from the bar, catch a game on the TV and enjoy our famous popcorn. Often we host themed weekend dinner events with entertainment. It is not uncommon to participate in a game of floor Jenga, or try your skill at the shuffleboard table.

Although we have a premium facility located in a slice of paradise there is still much more to the club, and that is the NCYC family.  When we joined in 2010 it was because of the physical assets and amenities that attracted us, little did we know that an extended family was adopting ours.

NCYC is a working club and because of that we all have an investment into its success.  When you participate in a work party, you have the sense of ownership, pride and best of all you are making and establishing life long friendships.  We have a full calendar of events and cruises, which would not be possible without membership participation and amazing efforts.

If this is your first year as a member, please do not be afraid to get involved, it will be a life changing experience. You will find that we extend hospitality characteristic of a long established, yet “down to earth,” yacht club. If you are a seasoned member, make sure we are involving our new friends and give them the opportunities that were given to us.










2018 Rear Commodore Bill Calihan

Bill Calihan

Rear Commodore





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