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                Just Up the Channel…             …A World Away


Members and guests may want to view our Club Culture video.   Click here to see all that goes on at NCYC over a typical summer.


Guests interested in finding out even more about our Island can visit About Us (and subsequent tabs to the left).  You’ll learn something of our history, Club amenities, events, dining options plus our genuinely congenial and highly-active culture.


So, how much does it COST to belong to a dynamic Club like the NCYC?


The Join Us Tab to the left tells you all about our Initiation and Dues Structure as well as the Work Hours members are asked to contribute to the Club. These required hours can be scheduled on a flexible basis that accommodates the member’s other professional and family obligations.


Of course, NCYC Members are encouraged to sign in and enjoy all the benefits that membership affords, including current and past digital copies of our monthly Beacon news magazines and photo documentaries of our latest events.


We thank all of you for actively supporting the loyal advertisers who make our web site and publications possible.


Enjoy your visit.